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Phone - 1-800-463-5483

Email - faceshields@sundanceballoons.com

Cleaning Information: The shields can be reused repeatedly for personal use. Just sanitize the inside and outside before/after each use using soap and water or rubbing alcohol. 

Warning: Use only as physical barrier from liquids. Shield is not impact resistant and should not be used as eye protection. Do not use as protection against open flames and sparks. 


"They are great and are much more comfortable than the big ones that cover your whole head. They fit perfect with cap and face mask as well and the shield part is very easily wiped down." 

Susan, RPN

"Thank you again so much for your kindness!"

Jocelyn P

"Thanks for the generosity and kindness!"

David R

"This is so awesome of (you) to provide such a service!"

Connie S